Sessions and process coaching

Sessions are encounters in which I guide, support and challenge you on your spiritual path.

You can book single sessions, if you want. One session may have a great and lasting effect and be exactly what you need.

However, spiritual clarification is a learning path and developmental process. Therefore, process coaching is usually the preferred form. It consists of a package of six sessions spanning a period of three to nine months. Between sessions, there is contact via email and / or Skype / Zoom, to discuss “exercises”. These small meditations / contemplations are often perceived as pleasant and inspiring, they are tailored to you and your questions and subjects and deepen your process.

You can only book process coaching after an intake session. In exceptional cases, an introductory talk via Skype or Zoom will be sufficient. Such an intake conversation takes 30 to 45 minutes.

To book individual sessions, an introductory talk is not required.