What is Awakening?

Rediscovering your true nature, feeling at home again, is called enlightenment: liberation from anything that keeps you from “just being happy”.

Occasionally, someone will spontaneously wake up out of the dream, never to lose themselves in it again, like Ramana Maharshi or Eckhart Tolle. Mostly, however, there is only short-term experience of what will be experienced, in retrospect, as “another reality”. Such an experience can be helpful, as an incentive to really go looking.

But it is a misconception to think that awakening can only happen spontaneously, and it is an even greater misconception to believe that this is only for the very special… In fact, from the awakened perspective, it would be quite arrogant to think that you are so special that awakening in your case would be very difficult, if not impossible …

Once you understand what awakening is about, you will realize that it is not only something quite natural and ordinary, but that it is certainly possible for you to strive for it – even if, viewed from the personal perspective, it remains “something magical and beyond comprehension”.