An effortless life?

What you are by nature is profound peace, silence, freedom and openness – your true nature expresses as natural, alert relaxedness and as a fundamental sense of wellbeing. These words, however, point to that which is often and foremost hidden from experience by what you take yourself – and your life – to be.

The “I” that you experience yourself to be has been built up in the course of your life. It is the sum of what was bestowed upon you at birth and what you received from home, and what you then learned and experienced. Over the years, this transformed into a complex structure of beliefs, learned strategies, reaction patterns and habits. These include a self-image and an idea of the world, along with all kinds of claims (“should” and “must”) associated with them. In addition, there will still be unresolved experiences and fears that seem to colour your experience and your “functioning” without there being any action on your part.

This leads to the experience of problems and worries, conflicts, fears and desires, stress and the feeling of failing, being unable to meet your or others’ needs, the feeling of ‘if only I could / would …., then…’.

Free yourself from everything that keeps you away from your true nature so that your life can become effortless again.

 Jyoti would love to meet you where you are, and to support and guide you to freedom.

This website offers you a first taste of “an effortless life”, of how Jyoti’s own life turned effortless, of what he has to offer you and how he goes about it.