An Effortless Life

The word “effortless” best describes how you will experience your life once you are freed from everything that keeps you away from “your true nature”.

By birth you are free and connected, and in connectedness there is unconditional, non-exclusive love for everyone and everything, and a deep inner peace, joy and sense of fulfilment.

What keeps you from experiencing this is a complex of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits that have made you “the person that I am” over the years. This person stands between you and freedom, between you and real intimacy, between you and fundamental happiness. This person constantly imposes conditions. Therefore: realize that freedom, happiness, connectedness and peace are unconditional and that the very conditions you impose are your biggest hurdles.

What has arisen over decades is not diminished in one day. Now and again someone wakes up out of the blue, from one moment to the other. But why wait for that? More so, why even count on it that you would be that rare exception? And even if you were, the necessary “work” would still need to be done afterwards – a process of further cleansing. So beware: to find the effortlessness of life you will have to make some effort first.